C7 Signature

The name of the VRTBR signature styles just found us

So we needed to find a good working title for naming conventions on specifications, sketches and styles. And the natural choice would be to find a Norwegian pinnacle, prominent landmark or cool tundra predator to name the design – we have a good many to choose from up here.

However, with our team collective background combining hefty experience with back pains, chiropractors and surgery with the deep need to revisit the demanding hunting grounds makes references to the spine more relevant for us. So we ended up naming the brand VRTBR, and that made the name of our first edition inevitable:

“The 7th cervical (C7) vertebra is the largest vertebra in the neck region. Unlike the other cervical vertebrae, the C7 has a large spinous process that protrudes posteriorly toward the skin at the back of the neck.

This spinous process can be easily seen and felt at the base of the neck, making it a prominent landmark of the skeleton and giving the C7 the name vertebra prominens.

The body of C7 supports the collective weight of the head and neck. The facets and disks surrounding the body provide both stability and flexibility to the neck.”

Prominent landmark.. it looks as if the name of the VRTBR signature styles just found us…


The logo is inspired from two inverted spines – and the four lines come from the sleeve cut lines on the Parka. The four zones just happens to represent the four spinal nerve zones – Cervical, Thoraic, Lumbar, and Sacral. Hence the naming of the layering system as the Mid layer and Base layers are just below the C7 in the spinal chord. Nothing big – just playing with references.