T1 Fleece [m]

 152 including VAT



Long cut slim Men’s Mid Layer in Polartec® Power Stretch®Pro™ with warm front pocket.


Hard facts

– Weight Men’s Size M: 450g

– Resilient stretch

– Enhanced durability

– Wicks moisture

– Highly breathable

– Easy care

Get acquianted

The idea of designing hunting clothing for Nordic climates came to life on a classic wet, cold, and windy hunt in November. After days in rain soon the wish for better fit, more protection and a more Nordic look came up…


The idea grew into a full concept with five styles in a complete layering system with C7 Parka and Pants as shell, T1 Mid layer for warmth and T2 Base layer for next-to-skin insulation. All layers are designed to interact and complement one another to add to the most comfortable experience.


The T1 Mid Layer is designed to keep you warm. It has a long slim cut, the collar is high, soft and asymmetric to avoid chafing from the zipper. The collar has a deep functional opening to allow you to ventilate. Keep your mobile in the napoleon pocket to keep it warm and save battery – you may need it.


The best result is when you stop concentrating on how it feels to wear and only focuses on the surroundings – as it should be.




T1 in action

The T1 Mid layer fleece works for both low and medium activity. Wear it when you sit still and need to concentrate on everything else but staying warm – or wear it when you need to get out of moist clothes after a long day in the fells and just need a practical warm layer while the coffee is brewing on the campfire.


The front kangaroo pocket has a small feature in the middle so that you have two chambers but still can fold your hands to warm them up. With this small chamber feature, what you keep in one chamber will stay in place and not slide from side to side when you move.


Stay safe out there

The front slits in the C7 Parka corresponds to the warm kangaroo pocket  on the T1 Mid layer fleece to allow you to heat and dry your hands. You would be surprised how much it will help you to heat your hands directly on your stomach when it’s cold and wet.


Take off mittens or gloves when you want to regain the feel in your fingertips and dry your hands before you need to use them for fine adjustment and operation.



Care and attention

Maschine wash cold, line dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Avoid use of fabric softener. And another important thing – keep it away from velcro; it will kill it.


Your best fit

Find a measuring tape and check out the following body measures following the indications on the dummy below. If you are not the proud owner of a measuring tape – and you haven’t got the faintest idea of where to find one – then go creative and find some rope, string, paracord or even fishing power line will do – although that might challenge you a bit…


Then find someone to help you out. The best and most accurate body measures are taken by someone else since some of the measures requires more than one hand and the chin to do it; and then you can always take the opportunity to state and underline how amazingly good looking you are.

We may not have your best fit – and this is where you write us an email on and tell what to produce next time!

Chest – Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest.

Waist – Measure the narrowest part of your waist.

Hips – Measure 20cm from your natural waist as a guide. Stand with your feet together and measure around your widest part.



men's Mid layers - VRTBR measurement chart - in cm
M [48-50] L [50-52] XL [52-54]
sleeve length 69,0 70,5 71,0
chest 94-98 98-102 102-106
waist 80-84 84-88 88-92
Man sleeve length [from neck] chest waist hips inseam
men's Mid layers - VRTBR video presentation