C7 Parka [w]

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Video presentation

eVent® DV Alpine Hunting Edition

C7 Women’s Parka in 3 layer waterproof/breathable membrane. Elegant and feminine fit and designed for the demanding Nordic climate.


Hard facts

–  Woven silent matte face fabric

–  Weight for WMNS C7 Parka S: 877g

–  w/b membrane eVent® DV Alpine

–  Water column of 20m

–  High breathability of 20,000 g/m2  

–  All YKK® zippers

–  Full length side zippers – 3-glider system

Get acquainted

The C7 Parka was born at 700 meters above sea level in November. It was indeed a dark and stormy night.  We had been scaling a mountainside to gain access to the areas above the red deer stags, spent all day in the rain, and almost got within reach several times. We walked back to camp in the dusk using headlamps, and while we fed the fire we thought about how we could stay warm and dry in such weather.  This was day one.


Four days later, the base pattern and a mockup was ready. The rest of the journey is about not giving up…


The idea grew into a full concept with five styles in a complete layering system with C7 Parka and Pants as shell, T1 Mid layer for warmth and T2 Base layer for next-to-skin insulation. All layers are designed to interact and complement one another to add to the most comfortable experience.


The best result is when you stop concentrating on how it feels to wear and only focuses on the surroundings – as it should be.




C7 in action

Clothes for hunting need to be silent and blend in with the surroundings, and clothes for hunting in the Nordics need to withstand the rough weather conditions during autumn and winter.

We have tested this in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark – in Scotland, in Germany, in the States, and even in Greenland. In warm weather during the day and the chilly mornings and cold evenings when you are tired after having spent the whole day in the terrain. You will be surprised how comfortable this membrane is and how much it works for you…

C7 Parka is made from the eVent® DV Alpine 3-layer membrane with an elegant matte woven surface to reduce noise. The C7 Parka will protect you from wind and weather in the harsh Nordic climates. The 3 layer membrane is highly breathable and based on the eVent® Direct VentingTM Technology to ensure a comfortable feel for your body while wearing it. Use the 3-glider full length side zippers and the long collar opening for ventilation when the activity is high and the membrane isn’t enough.

Take a few minutes to listen to the good people from the eVent Fabrics Team behind the DV Technology:



Sleeves are shaped and fitted with a slim elegant line to give you best freedom of movement on the active hunt. The length of the C7 Parka naturally displaces the thermal bridge downwards and protects you well and combined with the C7 Pants, you stay dry and protected even when it’s raining sideways… The collar has added fold and drainage design to lead water from the collar and down to the small drain hole when water pressure is high on the front zipper.

Hide behind the high collar when you need protection from the brisk winds – or open the zipper to ventilate when you climb the steepest hills. Drape it when you feel like adding your own touch to the collar design. And button the hood tightly around your neck when you feel the chilling cold winds.


All pockets are secured with zippers and combined smaller entry size. It will annoy you but it will also prevent loosing bits and pieces even though you forget to close or zip it. All zippers have large ergonomic zipper pullers for good grip when it is cold and wet. All pockets and entries are symmetrical.



Don’t use your shell for cargo – it will add to much weight to your garment and will eventually wear the seams or worst case rip the membrane beoynd repair. Use a good fitted backpack, smaller chest pack or even a cross body for cargo, optics, range finder, food etc. and learn how to store and remember where your stuff goes. This will help you when you least expect it.


  • – Front chest pockets – Add your lens cloth for easy access, energy bar, or your hunting radio. If you have a small emergency kit, then keep it here.
  • – Sleeve pockets – keep your hunting license, shooting card etc. in the upper sleeve pockets.
  • – The front slits in the C7 Parka corresponds to the warm kangaroo pocket  on the T1 Mid layer fleece  to allow you to heat and dry your hands.
  • – Back pocket – Keep and dry your gloves, headover, and mittens using your body heat. The pocket is big enough to store your map.


Check the back of the parka – it has a slide-in mesh pocket for adding your sitting mat. It is uncomfortable, tiring and energy consuming to sit on a cold rock or a cold wooden seat in a tree stand for hours. We recommend using an EVA-mat like the S1 Sitting mat to make your  hours of waiting in patient silence more comfortable.


Colour coding

The face fabric has a unique melange and matte surface and the light colour is developed specially for hunting in the open and in the fells where you need to blend in with the Nordic open landscape.


Stay safe out there

The team behind the VRTBR® Hunting Edition have learnt from experience – and sometimes learnt stuff the hard way. Even on a 4 hour walk it makes sense to take care of yourself and pay attention to weather, physical condition, the terrain and your companions. We have added quite a few safety features into the garment and hope that you will find them useful.



Direct and indirect safety features

Taking it from the top, there is a small buckle on the hood. Use this for adding a small LED light. We want to move around unseen – but sometimes it is useful to be spotted in the dusk by others. Use an LED light that can be literally turned on an off so that it only lights up when you turn it. Remember to check the battery state before you pack for your next adventure – being the 4-hour walk or the 4 weeks in the outback.

Inside the hood and the full back of the C7 Parka, we have added red liner that you can use for visibility and locator beacon in emergency situations. In the neck, we have added a narrow pocket along the collar for you to store a safety blanket. 60g of safety in the hood may come in handy.


The hood is designed without straps but with adjustment at the front; the adhustment is internal and diffuícult to find at first – but since it is internal, you will not get hit by buckles in the face when the wind is hefty. The sides of the hood are curved to allow for larger field of vision.


The side zippers allow for optimal freedom of movement but without compromising the comfort of the length and the protection given by a long parka. The zippers are 3-way and allows for ventilation under the arms as they open one-third down the sleeve. Where you often struggle to get in and out of a parka, the side sippers allow for easier use.


Two extra extension zippers add more room in the jacket when extra layers are needed. The base layer and fleece have similar lengths and combined, gives optimal comfort and protection.


The length and tight shaped fit provide lee and reduces the thermal bridge from below without strapping the jacket in the waist or at the bottom.



Care and attention

Protect your garment and it will protect you.

  • – Before wash, secure all zippers and closures. Machine wash warm with liquid detergent. Rinse twice and hang dry.
  • – We know it sounds strange but iron warm to rejuvenate the water repellent finish.
  • – Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Hang dry.


Your best fit

Find a measuring tape and check out the following body measures following the indications on the dummy to the right. If you are not the proud owner of a measuring tape – and you haven’t got the faintest idea of where to find one – then go creative and find some rope, string, paracord or even fishing power line can do – although that might challenge you a bit…


Then find someone to help you out. The best and most accurate body measures are taken by someone else since some of the measures requires more than one hand and the chin to do it; and then you can always take the opportunity to state and underline how amazingly good looking you are.


We may not have your best fit – and this is where you write us an email on and tell what to produce next time!


Bust – Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your bust.

Waist – Measure the narrowest part of your waist.

Hips – Measure 20cm from your natural waist as a guide. Stand with your feet together and measure around your widest part.


NOTE – your hip measurement is the most important to find the best fit! Don’t go for a size smaller to get a tight fit – the sizing chart and the grading system has taken that into consideration. If you are in doubt or have questions on how to choose, just write to us on and we will guide you.



women's Parkas - VRTBR measurement chart - in cm
S [36-38] M [40-42] L [42-44]
sleeve length 74 +/-1 75,5 +/-1 77 +/-1
bust 88-94 94-100 100-108
waist 68-74 74-80 80-86
Woman sleeve length [from neck] bust waist hips inseam
women's Parkas - VRTBR video presentation