C2 Double Knit Merino Wool Hat

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VRTBR® C2 Double Knitted Merino Hat

The Need-to-Have item for all Outdoor Lovers ♥


Hard facts

100% Merino Wool

Heavy Double Knit

Manufactured in Europe

Double Logo Patch for Beanie and Standard wear

VRTBR® Design


Soft facts
The double layer knitted Merino wool hat is a quality product made to last. It will keep you warm in the coldest weather, yet it will allow sweat to pass.
If it gets wet the wool will still retain its heat-keeping properties.

The carefully selected Merino wool does not itch or scratch. It’s toasty and soft. The leather logo patch is handsewn to both sides of the cap, allowing you to wear it rolled or straight. The C2 Wool Hat is a VRTBR® Design and is carefully handmade in Europe.

- VRTBR measurement chart - in cm
sleeve length [from neck] waist hips inseam
- VRTBR video presentation