the highland stalker

Launch video from John Rigby & Co - so proud to be in it...

Back in August 2017, we received the first styles from production – and when the editor-in-chief from the Danish hunting magazine JAGT, Vildt & Våben asked if he could test our VRTBR® Hunting Edition for the magazine in the Highlands, there was not a doubt in our minds. The set left with him to show its worth in the Scottish weather and landscape. We knew there would be much activity around the impressive event – we got very good feedback from the editor on the performance of the clothing and it did attract attention from both the hunters and professional stalkers.

Indulge yourself in the breathtaking landscape of the Highlands.

All photo and Media Creds @Pace Brothers – Darryl & Byron –  Thank you @Rigby & Co; not sure you knew this but we are pretty awestruck.


“The Highland Stalker – John Rigby & Co, Published on March 26, 2018”

“What could be a more fitting tribute to John Rigby & Co.’s recently unveiled Highland Stalker rifle, than an event celebrating its launch in the heart of the Highlands – the holy grail for British hunting?  Rigby invited top international dealers and sporting journalists to join them in celebrating this iconic rifle at the historic Blair Atholl Estate in Perthshire. Read more…”