New Zealand precision

We may be Nordic but we are not the only ones on the Planet with challenging weather.


Take some time to read the first impressions and review from Kerry Adams – Precision Shooter, New Zealand.


PRECISION SHOOTER, Auckland June 2018 | “VRTBR – Premium Outdoors Clothing from the Nordics” – Read the article… 





“I think it’s time we were allowed to wear clothes that not only functioned well but actually also fitted well. I mean, no, the animals we are hunting couldn’t care less about how we looked in the bush, but, like it or not a whole lot of your existing hunting gear is based on fashion – whether you have the latest digital camo patterns, or have gone the other way and hunt in the ‘traditional’ Swandri and Stubbies – we all have a particular look that we fit into.”


Photo & kudos – Kerry Adams